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TATTOO Exhibit travels to Taiwan's Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts


Back in November 2017, Outer Limits was fortunate enough to be apart of the exhibit, TATTOO, at The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. This was a traveling exhibit that originated in Paris at Quai Branly Museum.⁣ When it came to LA, The Natural History Museum asked us to contribute to the exhibit. They borrowed and displayed several items from our tattoo museum, and Kari B arba was commissioned to tattoo a silicone arm. She tattooed an incredible octopus on this artificial arm which was displayed within glass cases along with other various silicone body parts tattooed by other legendary tattoo artists.⁣ The exhibit has now traveled to Taiwan and is showing at The Kaohsiung Museum of Art. Kari’s tattooed arm has travelled with the exhibit as well! It’s so exciting to see this exhibit travel and develop around the world and so cool that we are apart of it! ⁣

After Taiwan, the exhibit is set to travel to Moscow, Russia and the to Brazil after that Be sure and check out these images from the museum!


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