*only available at Costa Mesa location

Piercings are now bu appointment only. Please feel free to book your appointment online here, or give us a call. 714.241.8287. We accept the last piercing an hour before we close. You're more than welcome to call us on your way to see if there's much of a wait for a piercing. Please keep in mind that we want to give you the best experience possible, and sometimes that takes time.  Be sure to have a valid government issued ID with you (license, passport, state ID), and have something to eat beforehand. We are unable to offer piercings on minors at this time.

 "How much will it cost?"

We stock HUNDREDS of jewelry options for every piercing we do, so the cost will ultimately depend on the jewelry you choose. Once you're here at the studio, we can go over the exact cost depending on your jewelry choice!


Your safety comes first at Outer Limits. We utilize aseptic technique and state of the art technology to sterilize your jewelry and any components we use for your piercing. For every single procedure we perform, jewelry is sterilized in our Statim autoclave right before the piercing. This takes as little as 7 minutes, allowing us time to fill out paperwork and go over any questions you may have. Every cycle in the Statim is accompanied by a sterility indicator strip, which shows the contents and jewelry have been sterilized properly. The Statim is also spore-tested weekly (sending a test strip to a lab) to ensure proper function!


Now, for one of the most common questions we get: Does it hurt? Yes, of course! However, a piercing is a minimal pinch for less than a second, but a majority of people we pierce say it was much easier than they were expecting. We like to direct your focus away from the pain, and instead towards how awesome you're going to look afterwards!

Policies for Piercing Minors

(not currently available)

At this time, we are unable to do any piercing services for minors due to Covid-19 restrictions. This is subject to change. We will update this as we get more info.


Meet Gregg and Luc , our professional piercers on staff at Outer Limits! They have over 35 combined years of piercing experience, and are proficient in all piercings!


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piercing services Costa Mesa - implant grade Titanium and Stainless Steel - threadless jewelry - internally threaded jewelry


Wed/Fri/Sat 11am-9pm






At Outer Limits Tattoo, all of our initial piercings are done with either implant grade Titanium, implant grade Stainless Steel, or solid 18k and 14k gold. Our jewelry is either internally threaded or threadless and hand polished to perfection. All of our jewelry is guaranteed for life to be free of defects. Remember the old saying: You get what you pay for! When it comes to your body, you should only want the best!


We only use the highest quality jewelry on the planet from companies such as Anatometal, Body Vision, Neometal, Industrial Strength, Body Gems, Gorilla Glass, Glasswear Studios, Maya Jewelry, and more. We have an extensive selection of jewelry for every piercing, and if for some reason we don't have what you're looking for, we can most likely order it for you!

We have VERY STRICT policies we adhere to at all times when it comes to piercing clients who are under the age of 18. These policies are in place for your safety.


If any of the requirements are not met when you check-in for your piercing, we will not be able to provide you with services - so please read our policies carefully before coming into the shop.


We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

Piercing Aftercare