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Kari Barba X Tattoo Smart Octopus Brush Set


Kari Barba's Octopus Brush Set for ProCreate and ClipStudio is now available from Tattoo Smart! We are so honored to have Kari be apart of this project. Huge thanks to Russ Abbott and the whole Tattoo Smart team. Browse the slideshow below to check out some designs made with the set. Available for purchase here: Kari Barba Octopus Brush Set.

From its inception, the Octopus by Kari Barba brush set project has been unlike any Tattoo Smart has developed or curated to date. Tattoo Smart has the ambition to provide the most modern, highest quality digital tools to the tattoo community. In order to provide the best tools, we go above and beyond to work with the best. In this case, tattooing icon Kari Barba.⁣ In late 2018, Russ Abbott reached out to Kari Barba to discuss developing a new kind of brush set together. Kari, long known as the originator and constantly on the vanguard of designing and tattooing realistic yet illustrated octopus imagery, was enthusiastic about the new brush creation process Russ developed in Clip Studio Paint. Throughout the last year, Kari meticulously rendered a selection of octopus tentacles and other assorted elements. Our team used a specialized proprietary process to turn those drawings into a new type of Clip Studio Paint brushes and a library of Procreate digital stamp brushes. Tattoo Smart is proud to be working with such an iconic artist and contributor.⁣ Kari Barba has spent years studying the structure, color, and texture of octopuses from life and photos, and translating those studies to tattoo designs. Working with Tattoo Smart, she now contributes that expertise to the tattoo community with this complete tool kit to build custom realistic octopus designs. You will no longer need to spend time searching for photos of tentacles in the exact position to suit your design. Browse the extensive library of assorted tentacle options and shapes and choose what fits perfectly for your specific need or application. ⁣ While the tentacle stamps included offer an incredible amount of variation to the point that no two octopus creations will be identical, we’ve also included 3 assorted octopus heads and a small collection of water and bubble background elements to get you started using this tool kit right away. Our hope is that you will use these tools to to speed up your composition and design workflow and spark new creative ideas as you continue to push your own artistic understanding of octopuses to deeper depths.

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Morse Norman
Morse Norman
Mar 28

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