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male tattoo artist Outer Limits Tattoo Costa Mesa, color tattoos, biomechanical, ocean tattoos

Will Thompson came from a long family line of accomplished artists; creativity and artistry are in his blood. Growing up, his parents gave him the ample time and support he needed to explore his creativity
and expand upon his interests to become the artist he is today.


Will has dedicated his Life to art. He has been tattooing for over 20 years. Will is well rounded and comfortable in many different tattooing styles. Realistic, Portrait, Bright color, Blackwork, Mech to Traditional. 

Will's interests include tattooing, painting, sculpting, welding, photography, collecting books, and riding any kind of bike or board. Will lives in Costa Mesa and enjoys life with his lovely wife and 3 dogs.  Art is Will's obsession and will continue to be his lifelong passion.

Please feel free to contact Will for artwork. 

Contact Will - usually responds within 1 week or less

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