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Hi!  My name is Russ and I have been tattooing for 16 years.  Originally from New York, I moved across the country sixteen years ago to pursue my dreams of becoming a professional artist, and I continue to give it 110% every day since. 


I like to stay in one place and keep it close to home and I have been at Outer Limits Costa Mesa for going on 14 years.  When it comes to tattooing, I definitely do a variety of styles, however I tend to focus on realism and loose, painting-like styles. 


Much of my work has elements taken from oil painting techniques, and with that I try to make every tattoo unique and interesting. With a background in graphic design, you may also notice many design elements in my work as well.  It is my intention to use the two techniques to create pieces that go beyond the “typical” tattoo styles you may commonly see and my approach is more fine art based as opposed to tattoo based. When I am not tattooing, I am a freelance musician and oil painter, and I have played music and have showed my art around the country. 


I personally feel that it is an honor and privilege when someone gives me the opportunity to create a piece of art they will wear and cherish forever, and if I feel that your idea is not something I cannot do my best work on, I will recommend an artist whom I feel can. 


I work by appointment only and it is best to contact me via email @

Also, you may see my most current work on Instagram @Tattoo_Russ

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